Rated 12A
French Film Festival

La Belle Époque

Friday 08 November, 8:00 pm
Unemployed cartoonist Victor is kicked out by his wife, psychoanalyst Marianne. He accepts the proposal of the Time Traveller, a curious agency that promises to take customers back to...
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Classic Romantic Comedies

Imagine Me & You

Saturday 09 November, 6:05 pm
Having been together for a lifetime, Rachel and Heck are finally getting married. On the day though Rachel befriends Luce, who provided the flowers for the wedding. Rachel soon...
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Ordinary Love

Sunday 10 November, 6:30 pm
After many years together, Joan and Tom’s relationship is based on old habits and everyday routine, yet strong as ever. But when Joan is diagnosed with breast cancer, their...
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New World Cinema

So Long, My Son

Wednesday 13 November, 7:00 pm
Winner of Best Actor and Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival. Tracing the lives of two families over thirty years, this film follows once close friends and co-workers...
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Closing Night Film

Jojo Rabbit

Thursday 14 November, 8:30 pm
Taika Waititi’s explosive satire follows JoJo “Rabbit” Betzler, a lonely German boy who supports the regime and is a member of the Hitler Youth group. His vision of the...
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