James Roddie is a caver, climber and a professional photographer. He’s also a 30-year-old man with an eating disorder. After the death of his father, James deals with it the best way he knows how – heading underground with his camera. Delving into his story, James candidly explores why caving, adventure, and mental health are so intricately tied together.

The screening will be introduced by the filmmakers.

Alongside the screening, an exhibition of James’ photography will run throughout November in the 1st Circle Gallery.

Exhibition | 01 – 30 November | 1st Circle Gallery

Photographer James Roddie offers a glimpse into Scotland’s subterranean world in this series of ambitious photographs. Shot whilst making the film Down the Rabbit Hole with Mike Webster, these images show some of Scotland’s most beautiful and most recently discovered caves.

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  • Rating:15+
  • Country:UK
  • Year:2019
  • Duration:41 minutes
  • Director:Mike Webster
  • Starring:James Roddie, Mike Webster